overview - CMPS 80S From Software Innovation to Social...

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CMPS 80S 2010 Spring From Software Innovation to Social Entrepreneurship Instructor: Suresh K. Lodha; lodha@soe.ucsc.edu ; E2-361 TA: David Seagal: drseagal@soe.ucsc.edu Class Location: Thimann Lecture Hall 1 Meeting Times: MW 5:00-6:45pm Class Web Page: http://www.soe.ucsc.edu/classes/cmps080s/Spring10 Syllabus : Need/Opportunity Identification, Problem Solving, How to create value, How to form a team, How to start a venture and What’s happening in the world around these issues? Concepts: Stakeholders and Persona, Fortune at the bottom of the pyramid, Long Tail, Micro-financing, Art of Innovation, Story telling, Co-Creation, Web 2.0, Porter’s Five Forces, SWOT Analysis, Vision Statement, Elevator Pitch, Edge, Niche, Weak Ties, Key Entrepreneurial Components Skill Building: Team formation, Communication, Presentation, Engagement (with community/ users), Listening (empathy), Networking, Initiative, Ability to deal with uncertainty, Tolerance (towards risk, towards diverse viewpoints, towards obstacles, towards resource constraints). (Conflict Resolution ?, Negotiation ?), Self-profiling for entrepreneurship Pedadogy: Peer Learning/Co-learning Teacher-centered Highly Interactive Lecture-Oriented Experiential Theoretical Learning by Doing Learning by Reading Team-Based One Person
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overview - CMPS 80S From Software Innovation to Social...

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