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Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering UNIVERSITY OF BRITISH COLUMBIA EECE 480 MICROELECTRONIC DEVICES FINAL EXAM, December 14, 2007 Time: 3 hours ALL QUESTIONS MAY BE ATTEMPTED. A mark of greater than 50/50 is possible. Simple calaculators are allowed. Notes or books are not allowed. This exam consists of 2 pages. Some equations and constants are given on additional pages. 1. [10 marks] (a) Consider a simple 1-D semiconductor crystal comprising 6 primitive cells separated by a distance a . Each primitive cell contains a single atom; each atom has 4 valence electrons. Make a rough sketch of the reduced-zone representation of the band structure. Identify the conduction band and the bandgap. (b) What is the Parabolic Band Approximation? Why is it reasonable to use this approximation when considering semiconductors in practical devices? (c) Sketch the parabolic band structure for the top of the valence band in the general case. Show 5 mo- mentum states, one of which is unoccupied. Indicate the movement of the electrons in the parabolic valence band when an electric f eld is applied that would increase the momentum positively of an electron near the
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exam_final_07 - Department of Electrical and Computer...

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