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Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering UNIVERSITY OF BRITISH COLUMBIA EECE 480 MICROELECTRONIC DEVICES MID-TERM EXAM, October 27, 2005 Time: 1.25 hours Full marks can be obtained by answering Questions 1 and 2 correctly. No notes, programmable calculators or books allowed. This exam consists of 1 sheet. Some equations are given on the back of the sheet. 1. Use the top half of a page for part (a) of this question, and the bottom half of the same page for part (b). Please make your diagrams easy to read. Align the two Fgures so that they share the same distance axis. Show the edges of the conduction and valence bands, the quasi-±ermi levels, and the widths of the depletion regions in the emitter, base and collector. (a) [10 marks] Sketch the energy band diagram for a p + -n-p BJT operating in the normal, active mode. (b) [5 marks] Repeat the above, but for the same transistor operating in the normal, saturation mode. (c) [5 marks]
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