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Unformatted text preview: Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering UNIVERSITY OF BRITISH COLUMBIA ELEC 480 SEMICONDUCTOR DEVICES FINAL EXAM, April 19, 2000 Time: 2.5 hours Answer any FOUR questions. All questions carry equal weight. One sheet of reference material is allowed. This exam consists of one typed pages. 1. Describe the sequence of processing steps involved in the fabrication of: EITHER a CMOS inverter, OR a bipolar RTL inverter. Comment specifically on photolithography, device isolation, and factors affecting the turn-on voltage, i.e., V GS for a given I D or V BE for a given I C . 2. (a) Discuss the steps involved in the formulation of an expression for the maximum frequency of oscilla- tion of a bipolar transistor. Make sure that all the terms in your expression are clearly defined. (b) Why are bipolar transistors inherently more suited to high-power applications than MOSFETs are? 3. (a) Sketch the circuit of an inverter which utilizes one enhancement-mode MESFET and one depletion- mode MESFET.mode MESFET....
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