ultimate lab 9

ultimate lab 9 - Nafe Qureshi TA John French Experiment 9...

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Nafe Qureshi TA: John French Experiment 9 Isolation and Isomerization of Lycopene from Tomato Paste Introduction: Purpose of this experiment was to asses quality of tomato paste basis of their trans-lycopene content. Hypothesis for this experiment was that “a lower percentage of all trans lucopene presence reflected on the quality of the Tomato paste”. So, in this experiment we extracted the carotenoid pigments (lycopene, carotenes and Xathophyll) from canned tomato paste and separated them. This experiment was conducted primarily as an introduction to the technique of column chromatography, through the technique of liquid-solid extraction. Here, Column Chromatography allows for the separation of several components by taking advantage of the varying solubility and polarities of dissolved component. in this experiment alumina was used as the stationary phase in the column and hexane was used as the nodule phase to saturate the column and the component through. so here Carotene and lycopene, present in tomato paste got observed in the column. Carotene which have lesser
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ultimate lab 9 - Nafe Qureshi TA John French Experiment 9...

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