lab3 - Jessica Gupta TA Mr Wang Experiment 3...

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Jessica Gupta TA: Mr. Wang 10/8/06 Experiment 3 Recrystalization and Melting-Point Measurement: Identifying a Component of “Panacetin” Introduction: The purpose of this lab was to determine the unknown component of Panacetin from experiment 2. Whenever a new compound is synthesized or discovered, its physical properties such as its spectral absorption bands, refractive index, and melting point are measured and reported in scientific journals such as Lange’s Handbook of Chemistry to help identify the compound, estimate its degree of purity, and help future investigators recognize the compound if they encounter it. According to Lange’s Handbook of Chemistry the melting point of acetanilide is 114˚ C and the melting point of phenacetin is 135˚ C. With the knowledge of these physical properties we were able to determine the identity of the unknown component to be acetanilide. OCOCH3 COOH NHCOCH3 NHCOCH3 NHCOCH3 OCH2CH3 OH aspirin acetanilide acetaminophen phenacetin Procedure: Recrystallize the unknown from experiment two by boiling in enough water (3-5 ml) for
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lab3 - Jessica Gupta TA Mr Wang Experiment 3...

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