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exam Version _1 2.2 451 2008

exam Version _1 2.2 451 2008 - 1 In the somatosensory...

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1. In the somatosensory system a. All information from the skin ascends in the dorsal column-medial lemniscal system. b. All information from deeper tissue travels in the anterolateral system. c. Touch information is carried by the largest diameter fibers innervating the skin. d. Any spot on the skin can give rise to the sensation of cool if the stimulus is cold enough. e. Thermoreceptors (fibers for temperature) are excited by warm stimuli and inhibited by cold stimuli. 2. Shingles 3. Referred pain a. is one of the chronic pain syndromes. b. may be mediated by convergence of information onto cells in the dorsal horn. c. is mediated by enkephalin interneurons in the spinal cord dorsal horn. d. is very difficult to treat. e. frequently occurs after amputations of the leg. 4. All motoneurons innervating a single muscle 5. Muscle spindles
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a. are composed of two types of intrafusal fibers, nuclear bag and nuclear chain fibers. b. are found only in flexors and not extensors.
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