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PGY451_Exam3_05 - PHYSIOLOGY 451/551 EXAMINATION III Monday...

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PHYSIOLOGY 451/551 EXAMINATION III Monday, November 14, 2005 INSTRUCTIONS This examination consists of 25 multiple choice questions. Please print your name and 8-digit UB person number clearly on the answer sheet. Fill in corresponding circles on the answer sheet. Please mark your answers carefully on the answer sheet with a #2 pencil. IMPORTANT NOTE : IF YOU ERASE, DO SO COMPLETELY. There is only one best answer for each question. This exam consists of 8 pages (including this cover page) and 25 questions. Please check that your copy has all pages. All questions carry equal weight; read the questions carefully. You may keep the examination for study. Answers will be posted as soon as possible on UBLearns . Be sure to make a list of your answers before leaving the exam room so that you can grade yourself on this exam. TURN OFF ALL CELL PHONES. ANYONE WHO ANSWERS A CELL PHONE DURING THE EXAM WILL RECEIVE A ZERO (0) FOR THE EXAM. CHEATING ON EXAMS In an effort to decrease the temptation to cheat on hourly and final exams we ask that you follow the procedures listed below: 1. Keep your answer sheet covered except when adding an answer. 2. When creating your own list of answers to check against the key, please write small and be as discrete as possible. 3. Please inform one of the instructors as soon as possible if you suspect someone is cheating. Your comments will be kept confidential. 4. Remember that, according to University policy, a person giving answers is equally as guilty as a person receiving answers. 5. The ultimate penalty for cheating is dismissal from the University. The version of YOUR exam is VERSION 1 . On side two of your answer sheet (scantron) there is a "Grade or Education" box below the "Identification box" where you add your student number. In this "Grade or Education" box, fill in circle 1 . If you do not add your exam version you will receive a zero (0) for this exam. If you fill in the WRONG number, you will be scored for the number you fill in. This is your responsibility only. If you fill in the wrong number, it cannot be changed after you turn in your exam.
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