Syllabus - ME 320: Fluid Mechanics Course Objectives Fall...

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ME 320: Fluid Mechanics Fall 2010 Portland State University, Maseeh College of Engineering and Computer Science Course Objectives To provide mechanical engineering students with the basic knowledge of fluid properties, fluid statics and fluid dynamics through differential analysis and conservation laws. Instructor Derek Tretheway Associate Professor Department of Mechanical and Materials Engineering EB 402H Phone: 725-8760 Email: Website: Office hours: Tuesday 1:00-3:00 pm, Thursday 1:00-2:00 pm and by appointment (note, at any time, if my office door is open, I may be able to answer questions. If I don’t have time at that moment, I will arrange a time to meet with you.) Teaching Assistants Grader: Stephen Former office hrs: TBD location: EB402 cubicles Laboratory: Jeremiah Zimmerman office hrs: TBDlocation: EB402 cubicles Prerequisites: EAS 215 (Dynamics), Math 256 (Applied Differential Equations) Textbooks: Munson, Young, Okiishi, and Huebsch “ Fundamentals of Fluid Mechanics ” 6 th Edition. John Wiley and Sons. ISBN#978-0-470-26284-9 Lab Manual for ME 320, Mechanical and Materials Engineering Department, Portland State University, Fall 2008. Manual can be downloaded from class website. Laboratory: ME 320L Laboratory exercises are meant to demonstrate and reinforce concepts discussed in lecture. Attendance is required for each laboratory exercise. Lab reports and other assignments are due the following week unless otherwise noted by the instructor. The scheduled laboratory sections are 15285 W 9-11:30am 15286 W 1-3:30pm 15287 F 9-11:30am 15288 F 1-3:30 pm 16416 M 9-11:30am
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Tentative Laboratory Exercise Schedule Week 1 Orientation and Tank Filling (worksheet) Week 2 Viscometer A/B Week 3 Viscometer B/A (report) Week 4 Submerged Surface (report) Week 5-6 Bournoulli Equation, Impact of a Jet (report) Week 7-8 Tank Draininng, Sudden Expansion of a Jet (worksheet) Policies There will be two, no longer than thirty minute in-class quizzes. The midterm examine will last one class period. The final exam will be comprehensive. All quizzes and exams are mandatory. Discuss any potential conflicts
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Syllabus - ME 320: Fluid Mechanics Course Objectives Fall...

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