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Shakespeare Lecture - Shakespeare Lecture 19:56...

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Unformatted text preview: Shakespeare Lecture 19:56 Shakespear’s Life (1564-1616) • 1582: married at 18; had 3 children • 1592: went to work as actor and playwright in London • 1590’s: wrote many of his great comedies • 1600’s: wrote many of his gret tragedies • 1611: wrote last play, The tempest, returned to Stratford o died in 1616 • controversies: whether or not he actually wrote his plays, because he didn’t have a university education early modern drama • written for profit and public consumption rather than for a patron ( a wealthy person who supports an artist) • part of the development of capitalism • Shakespeare didn’t make money off his plays, he was a shareholder The globe • Along the Thames • Bear beating = sport in which a bear is tied up while dogs attacked it o No concept of animal rights • Play going is in the pubs, brothels, the bad parts of town o Theaters frequently shut down due to plagues Burnt down sometimes, The globe burned down in 1613, then rebuilt Globe Theatre • Many of Shakespeare’s plays were there • Reconstructed after it was burned down • Attendance: wealthy people in lords boxes, peasants on the standing floor • Theatre holds 3000 people. •...
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Shakespeare Lecture - Shakespeare Lecture 19:56...

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