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JSA- economics

JSA- economics - o societies based on instinct for basic...

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JSA: Economics 17:02 The Economic Problem Production o By whom o What goods are to be produced? What is it people need and want? Distribution o IF THERE IS A FAILURE IN PRODUCTION OR DISTRIBUTION, SOCIETY  HAS FAILURES.  o No production- people don’t get what they need o Problems in distribution are probably worse When an economy changes, but only some groups are affected the  result is social instability and unrest o No matter how much people talk about laws of social economics, the  economy is a human social creation, and run by humans  Success in solving economic problems determines the health of the  relative society.  90% of human history, society didn’t have economy
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Unformatted text preview: o societies based on instinct for basic survival people caught and gathered food what people needed in the moment, were shared between the group called direct consumption- whatever you had was consumed directly. • Development of economy happened recently o Society all together could produce enough goods and services, that some of the things people needed could be saved for later. o Individual workers can concentrate on particular pasts This leads to first kinds of classes in social stratification Complex economies • Surplus & specialization • Wealth and money 17:02 17:02...
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