Chapter 10 Outline

Chapter 10 Outline - Chapter 10 Designing Adaptive...

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Chapter 10: Designing Adaptive Organizations I. Organizing the Vertical Structure Organizing is the deployment of organizational resources to achieve strategic goals. Organization Structure is the framework in which the organization defines how tasks are divided, resources are deployed, and departments are coordinated. Organization Chart is the visual representation of an organization’s structure. According to Dougherty, no firm has this. o Work Specialization Work Specialization , sometimes called division of labor is the degree to which and quality of how organizational tasks are subdivided into individual jobs. See Sally case. o Chain of Command Authority is the formal and legitimate right of a manager to make decisions, issue orders, and allocate resources to achieve organizationally desired outcomes. It is distinguished by three characteristics: 1. Authority is bested in organizational positions, not people. 2. Authority is accepted by subordinates. 3. Authority flows down the vertical hierarchy. Responsibility is the flipside of the authority coin; the duty to perform the task or activity an employee has been assigned; managers are assigned authority proportionate with responsibility. Accountability is the fact that the people with authority and responsibility are subject to reporting and justifying task outcomes to those above them in the chain of command. Accountability connects authority and responsibility. Everyone needs to know what they are accountable for. Delegation
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Chapter 10 Outline - Chapter 10 Designing Adaptive...

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