Chapter 11 Outline

Chapter 11 Outline - Chapter 11: Managing Change and...

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Chapter 11: Managing Change and Innovation I. Turbulent Times and the Changing Workplace Organizational Change is the adoption of a new idea or behavior by an organization. II. Changing Things: New Products and Technologies See exhibit 11.1 on page 349 for the three critical innovation strategies in changing products and technologies. To thrive, companies must innovate more, and more quickly. One vital area for innovation is introducing new products and technologies. A Product Change is a change in the organization’s product or service outputs. I.e. Apple’s iPod Shuffle, IRS’s tax e-file. A Technology Change is a change that pertains to the organization’s production process. I.e. U.S Post Office adopting an automated mail sorting machine. o Exploration Involved designing the organization to encourage creativity and the initiation of new ideas. Encourages creativity and allows for new ideas to spring forth. Creativity is the generation of novel ideas that might meet perceived needs or offer opportunities for the organization. Another popular way of encouraging new ideas is by using an Idea Incubator , an in house program that provides a safe harbor where ideas from employees throughout the organization can be developed without interference from company bureaucracy or politics. o Cooperation Refers to creating conditions and systems to facilitate internal & external coordination, and knowledge sharing for managers. See characteristics of a company that successfully innovates on page 351. Horizontal Linkage Model is an approach to product change that emphasizes shared development of innovations among several departments. (internal coordination) Fast-Cycle Team is a multifunctional team that is provided with high levels of resources and empowerment to accomplish an accelerated product development project. (internal coordination) Open Innovation is extending the search for and commercialization of new ideas beyond the
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Chapter 11 Outline - Chapter 11: Managing Change and...

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