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Name: Student ID: Multiole Choice OuBtiors Cl@.ly circle the Ietter of your choice. You do not need to show you. work_NsJd!g!:!!9 givetr io ou€ltioN rritb two or nore choiq plrled. No plrfial credit $ill be sivep. 1 A neutral conducror i! supported by an insulating stad. You pass a positively charged rod ned the left end ofthe conductor, but do mt touch it. The right end oftlE conducior will be: (3 potut!) (a) needive I posinve (c) n€utral (d) the corducior will not be aff@ted 2. Ifthe distance b€tween two point charyes is tripled,lhe nutual force botween th.m will be ch.ng€d by what factor? are o)-6c 4. An eleclion ud a prcton @ e&h rcleased fron Est in the sane unitom electric field. The €l@aon noves ! dislrnce 4ktu atrd th€ proton moves a distane dF.b. as each particle's kineric energy incresses by L6 eV. How do 4hh" and dptu" compare? (3 poitrts) (&) 4r** < dF"* (l) 4r**. > ap.,." | 4r.*" = 4.- (d) 4-*" = de"* : 0 5. Two point ch{ges ofvalues +3.4 od +6.6 /C, respsriv€ly, d€ sepahted by 0.20 m. What is the potential energy ofthis 2-cbarge systen? (3 points) (a)e O)3 (c) 1/] 3. A chdee of+2 C is at the origin. When chdge O ir placed at 2 m alone the laqidrg, uis, the .lctric fi€ld at 2 m along the qg3!{jre r axis becom€s zero. what is the value of Q? € poinh) (a) -4 c (c) -7 c a-Ec (a) +0.14 J (b) -0.75 J (d)-3.4 J O +1.0 J 6. Three c.prcitos hav€ capacitan@s C, < C, < C3. Ifthese capacitoF d€ codected in series, which ofthe followirg is tde for the csulting equivaleDt capacitlnc€?
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This note was uploaded on 11/10/2010 for the course PHY 2 taught by Professor Ganpathy during the Spring '09 term at SUNY Buffalo.

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Exam1_Solution - StudentID: Name: Multiole Choice OuBtiors...

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