ch5 - ch5 True/False Indicate whether the statement is true...

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ch5 True/False Indicate whether the statement is true or false. ____ 1. Scope refers to all the work involved in creating the products of the project and the processes used to create them. ____ 2. Deliverables are only product-related, such as a piece of hardware or software. ____ 3. Project scope management includes the processes involved in defining and controlling what is or is not in- cluded in a project. ____ 4. The project’s size, complexity, importance, and other factors will not affect how much effort is spent on col- lecting requirements for scope planning. ____ 5. Information from the project charter provides a basis for further defining the project scope. ____ 6. Project scope statements should include, at a minimum, a product scope description and detailed information on all project deliverables. ____ 7. The scope of a project should be clear and specific from the start. ____ 8. Many information technology projects also require detailed functional and design specifications for develop- ing software, which also should be referenced in the detailed scope statement. ____ 9. The project scope statement should reference supporting documents, such as product specifications that will affect what products are produced or purchased, or corporate policies, which might affect how products or services are produced. ____ 10. The project scope statement provides the basis for planning and managing project schedules, costs, resources, and changes. ____ 11. The project scope statement, stakeholder requirements documentation, and organizational process assets are the primary inputs for creating a WBS. ____ 12. A WBS is often depicted as a task-oriented pie chart. ____ 13. A project team always organizes the WBS around project products. ____ 14. A work package represents the level of work that the project manager monitors and controls. ____ 15. A work package should always represent less than 80 hours of work. ____ 16. You can only enter duration estimates for work packages. ____ 17. It is easy to create a good WBS. ____ 18. The tasks in a WBS do not have to be developed as a sequential list of steps. ____ 19. If you want some time-based flow for the work, you can create a WBS using the project management process groups of initiating, planning, executing, monitoring and controlling, and closing as Level 2 in the WBS. ____ 20. The executing tasks of the WBS remain constant from project to project. ____ 21. Many organizations provide guidelines and templates for developing WBSs. ____ 22. Mind mapping allows people to write and even draw pictures of ideas in a nonlinear format. ____ 23. The format of the WBS dictionary should be the same from project to project.
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____ 24. A unit of work should appear at only one place in the WBS. ____ 25.
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ch5 - ch5 True/False Indicate whether the statement is true...

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