ch6 - ch6 True/False Indicate whether the statement is true...

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ch6 True/False Indicate whether the statement is true or false. ____ 1. Many information technology projects are failures in terms of meeting scope, time, and cost projections. ____ 2. Managers often cite cost issues during the end phase of a project as one of their biggest challenges and the main cause of conflict. ____ 3. Schedule performance can be estimated by subtracting the original time estimate from how long it really took to complete the project. ____ 4. Individual work styles and cultural differences may cause schedule conflicts. ____ 5. Different cultures may have different perceptions of work ethic. ____ 6. The outputs to schedule development include activity duration estimates and project document updates. ____ 7. The main outputs of estimating activity resources include the activity list and attributes, project scope state- ment, milestone list, and organizational process assets. ____ 8. Most managers are unfamiliar with any forms of scheduling. ____ 9. Project schedules grow out of the basic documents that initiate a project. ____ 10. It only takes one activity to complete a milestone. ____ 11. Activity information is not a required input to the other time management processes. ____ 12. After defining project activities, the next step in project time management is sequencing them or determining their dependencies. ____ 13. Even though the delivery of new hardware may not be in the scope of a project, you should add an external dependency to it if required project activities depend on that delivery. ____ 14. Network diagrams are the preferred technique for showing activity discretionary dependencies. ____ 15. The arrows in a network diagram represent the activity sequencing or relationships between tasks. ____ 16. It is not necessary to complete all of the activities on the network diagram in order for the project to finish. ____ 17. Every item on the WBS needs to be on the network diagram. ____ 18. Start-to-finish relationships are the most common type of relationships. ____ 19. It is important that the people who help determine what resources are necessary include people who have ex- perience and expertise in similar projects and with the organization performing the project. ____ 20. Duration only includes the actual amount of time worked on an activity. ____ 21. In a Gantt chart created in Microsoft Project, a black diamond symbol represents a milestone. ____ 22. A Tracking Gantt chart is based on the percentage of work completed for project tasks or the actual start and finish dates. ____ 23. Most projects have one path through a network diagram. ____ 24. The critical path always includes the most critical activities.
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____ 25. A fast and easy way to determine early and late start and finish dates and free and total slack amounts for activities is by using project management software. ____ 26.
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ch6 - ch6 True/False Indicate whether the statement is true...

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