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ch8 - ch8 True/False Indicate whether the statement is true...

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ch8 True/False Indicate whether the statement is true or false. ____ 1. Most people simply accept poor quality from many information technology products. ____ 2. The majority of people in the United States use the Internet. ____ 3. When an information system does not function correctly, it is generally a slight inconvenience. ____ 4. Quality is a lower priority than project scope, time, and cost. ____ 5. The quality planning process involves taking responsibility for quality throughout the project’s life cycle. ____ 6. Quality planning implies the ability to anticipate situations and prepare actions that bring about the desired outcome. ____ 7. Understanding which variables affect outcome is a very important part of quality planning. ____ 8. Design of experiments cannot be applied to project management issues such as cost and schedule trade-offs. ____ 9. Organizational policies related to quality, the particular project’s scope statement and product descriptions, and related standards and regulations are all important input to the quality assurance process. ____ 10. It is important to clarify what functions and features the system must perform, and what functions and fea- tures are optional. ____ 11. Most information technology products can reach 100 percent reliability. ____ 12. Project managers are ultimately responsible for quality management on their projects. ____ 13. Continuous quality improvement is not a goal of quality assurance. ____ 14. Only in-house auditors can perform quality audits. ____ 15. If products are accepted, they are considered to be validated deliverables. ____ 16. In a Pareto chart, the variables described by the histogram are ordered chronologically. ____ 17. To obtain valid statistics, it is important to study every member of a population. ____ 18. Control charts are one tool used in the analyze phase of the DMAIC process. ____ 19. All of the Six Sigma principles are brand new. ____ 20. Using Six Sigma principles is an organization-wide commitment. ____ 21. Minimizing defects does not matter if an organization is making a product that no one wants to buy. ____ 22. The term sigma means median. ____ 23. Testing needs to be done during almost every phase of the systems development life cycle. ____ 24. Integration testing replaces the other forms of testing with a single comprehensive test. ____ 25. Modern quality management requires customer satisfaction, prefers prevention to inspection, and recognizes management responsibility for quality. ____ 26. In TQC, product quality is less important than production rates, and workers are not allowed to stop produc- tion whenever a quality problem occurs.
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____ 27. ISO 9000 provides minimum requirements needed for an organization to meet its quality certification stand- ards. ____ 28. Many quality experts believe the main cause of quality problems is the lack of leadership. ____ 29. DeMarco and Lister found direct correlations between productivity and programming language, years of ex- perience, and salary.
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