ch9 - ch9 True/False Indicate whether the statement is true...

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True/False Indicate whether the statement is true or false. ____ 1. Most project managers agree that managing human resources effectively is one of the toughest challenges they face. ____ 2. The global job market for information technology workers is contracting. ____ 3. Hiring managers say interpersonal skills are the least important soft skill for information technology workers. ____ 4. As the job market changes, people should upgrade their skills to remain marketable and flexible. ____ 5. Many highly qualified information technology workers lost their jobs in the past few years. ____ 6. If companies plan their projects well, they can avoid the need for overtime, or they can make it clear that overtime is optional. ____ 7. Team-building skills are often not a challenge for many project managers. ____ 8. Extrinsic motivation causes people to participate in an activity for their own enjoyment. ____ 9. Maslow’s hierarchy of needs states that people’s behaviors are guided or motivated by a sequence of needs. ____ 10. Maslow suggests that each level of the hierarchy of needs is not necessarily a prerequisite for the levels above. ____ 11. According to Herzberg, hygiene factors such as larger salaries, more supervision, or a more attractive work environment would motivate workers to do more if present. ____ 12. People who need institutional power or social power want to organize others to further the goals of the organ- ization. ____ 13. People who believe in Theory Y assume that workers dislike and avoid work if possible, so managers must use coercion, threats, and various control schemes to get workers to make adequate efforts to meet objectives. ____ 14. Project managers often do not have control over project staff who report to them. ____ 15. Assignment, budget, promotion, money, and penalty influence bases are automatically available to project managers as part of their position. ____ 16. Thamhain and Wilemon found that when project managers used work challenge and expertise to influence people, projects were more likely to succeed. ____ 17. Legitimate power involves using personal knowledge and expertise to get people to change their behavior. ____ 18. Smaller information technology projects usually have deputy project managers or subproject managers. ____ 19. A responsibility assignment matrix (RAM) is a matrix that maps the work of the project as described in the OBS to the people responsible for performing the work as described in the WBS. ____ 20. A RAM should only be used to assign detailed work activities. ____ 21. A staffing management plan describes when and how people will be added to and taken off the project team. ____ 22. One innovative approach to hiring and retaining information technology staff is to offer existing employees incentives for helping recruit and retain personnel. ____ 23.
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ch9 - ch9 True/False Indicate whether the statement is true...

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