ch10 - ch10 True/False Indicate whether the statement is...

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ch10 True/False Indicate whether the statement is true or false. ____ 1. The information technology field is relatively stable and unchanging. ____ 2. The gap between users and developers decreases as technology advances. ____ 3. Most educational systems for information technology graduates promote strong technical skills over strong communication and social skills. ____ 4. You can separate technical skills and soft skills when working on information technology projects. ____ 5. The communications management plan will vary with the needs of the project. ____ 6. The communications management plan should not address frequency of communication. ____ 7. By analyzing stakeholder communications needs, you can avoid wasting time or money on creating or dis- seminating unnecessary information. ____ 8. Consistent communication helps organizations improve project communications, especially for programs composed of multiple projects. ____ 9. Many WBSs include a section for project communications to ensure that reporting key information is a pro- ject deliverable. ____ 10. Getting project information to the right people at the right time and in a useful format is not as important as developing the information in the first place. ____ 11. Instead of knowing the people working on their projects and developing a trusting relationship with them, many colleagues and managers should want to focus on getting information by reading technical documents. ____ 12. It is not important to document any changes in technical specifications that might affect product performance. ____ 13. People have a tendency to want to report bad information. ____ 14. Adding more people to a project that is falling behind schedule often causes more setbacks because of the in- creased complexity of communications. ____ 15. You can assume that a task originally scheduled to take two months of one person’s time can be done in one month by two people. ____ 16. Rarely does the receiver interpret a message exactly as the sender intended. ____ 17. Communicating badly exponentially increases the possibility of making fatal mistakes. ____ 18. Status reports can take various formats depending on the stakeholders’ needs. ____ 19. Many projects have each team member prepare a monthly or sometimes weekly progress report. ____ 20. Team members often create consolidated progress reports based on the information received from team lead- ers. ____ 21. Project managers should lead their teams in developing norms for dealing with various types of conflicts that might arise on their projects. ____ 22. When using the confrontation mode, project managers directly face a conflict using a problem-solving ap- proach that allows affected parties to work through their disagreements.
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____ 23. Project managers must realize that all conflict is bad. ____ 24.
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ch10 - ch10 True/False Indicate whether the statement is...

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