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ch11 True/False Indicate whether the statement is true or false. ____ 1. Risk management is a frequently overlooked aspect of project management. ____ 2. Good project risk management never goes unnoticed. ____ 3. Before you can improve project risk management, you must understand what risk is. ____ 4. Negative risk management is like investing in opportunities. ____ 5. The cost for risk management should not exceed the potential benefits. ____ 6. By reviewing the project scope statement, cost, schedule, and communications management plans, enterprise environmental factors, and organizational process assets, project teams can discuss and analyze risk manage- ment activities for their particular projects. ____ 7. The last step in project risk management is deciding how to address this knowledge area for a particular pro- ject by performing risk management planning. ____ 8. The level of detail included in the risk management plan rarely varies across projects. ____ 9. Few organizations develop their own risk questionnaires. ____ 10. You can break down the technology risk category into hardware, software, and network technology. ____ 11. Potential risks can only be identified early in a project. ____ 12. The psychology literature shows that individuals, working alone, produce fewer ideas than the same individu- als produce through brainstorming in small, face-to-face groups. ____ 13. The Delphi technique is a systematic, interactive forecasting procedure based on independent and anonymous input regarding future events. ____ 14. It is uncommon for people to identify problems or opportunities without really understanding them. ____ 15. SWOT analysis can be used during risk identification by having project teams focus on the broad perspectives of potential risks for particular projects. ____ 16. Risk events refer to specific, certain events that may occur to the detriment or enhancement of the project. ____ 17. A potential response to the risk event of a defective server might be the inclusion of a clause in a contract with the supplier to replace a defective server within a certain time period at a negotiated cost. ____ 18. A probability/impact matrix or chart lists the relative probability of a risk occurring on one side of a matrix or axis on a chart and the relative impact of the risk occurring on the other. ____ 19. Negative and positive risks should always be included in the same probability/impact matrix or chart. ____ 20. A simple approach to using probability/impact information is to calculate risk factors. ____ 21. The Microsoft Solution Framework (MSF) includes a risk management model that includes developing and monitoring a top-ten master list of risks. ____ 22.
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ch11 - ch11 True/False Indicate whether the statement is...

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