HW4 F10 hints - Problem 1: (This is actually a really...

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Problem 1: (This is actually a really tricky problem and I almost wish we hadn’t assigned it. Why? Because I honestly question if it teaches you anything truly worth the trouble. It’s good stuff, but there are other things I wish I was getting you to spend time on instead. So, I will give some good hints on this one.) You may assume: -the paper provides no stiffness to the shaft but a distributed load -the shaft length = paper roll length (close enough) -the shaft is machined, 99.9% reliability, room temperature -2080 hr/year if you run the machine for five 8-hour shifts/week Note equation 6.7b is valid for cylindrical parts, even hollow ones. Note also that there are no stress concentrating features present. Note also the ASME shaft design standard (since you may be tempted to use equation 10.5 a–e or 10.6 a,b) has been abandoned by the ASME and are included in Norton only for instructional purposes. Manipulating equation 10.8 would be good except it is a hollow shaft. You must “back up” in the derivation of equation 10.8 to equation 10.7b,
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HW4 F10 hints - Problem 1: (This is actually a really...

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