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table corrected

table corrected - 5 C l ftr,rut | o D l-2 3 foi,x4 Aa,il.e...

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Lrutl s\E7 J L STep 2- Apn( F|K(O,'vto2rl762 caN 6-rRAntT ReSroSeo suM 0{ Sr44 Arl4 +l c Ll rl A +l 'l (*)t^u (ffi)(#) r,,^c (:fr)W)?r) *. l,ll,flflA- +$ B +l t^'(#\ t^e '(#)?t)' -t
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Unformatted text preview: 5 C +l ftr,,rut - | o D +l-2 3 foi,x4' Aa,,il!.e S; _L 3 ( E + l. tuw' (ffi)lWffi)n,wc =-3 q (P*)(r\(#)(t) (t)f r)(+)(-t) 7 1 *Ps....
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