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ME 338 – Fall 10 Problem Set #5 Due: Monday 11/01/10 (5pm) 1. Shown in the figure above (where T1=8T2) is a shaft that is supported by deep groove ball bearings at A and D. The speed of rotation is 300 rev/min and a design life of 3000 h is desired. Select appropriate 6300 series deep groove ball bearings for the application. Use the same size bearings at both locations. Can we replace the deep groove ball bearing with a self-aligning type? Also comment on the modifications that must be carried out to mount the bearings (deep groove as well as self-aligning).
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Unformatted text preview: 2. A minimum sized bearing is desired for a steady load. SAE 20 oil is to be used and the average film temperature is expected to be at 160F. A ratio of L/D=1 is required. The journal bearing is to be designed to carry a radial load of 1500 lb at 1200 rpm. Consider an Ocvirk number of 40. Determine the following: a. L and D b. Clearances c. Minimum Oil Thickness d. Coefficient of Friction and Power loss. Comment on the power loss and ways to reduce the same....
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