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ME 338 – Fall 10 Problem Set #6 Due: 11/10/10 1. For a gear having an outside diameter of 3.000in., full-depth involute gear teeth with a diametral pitch of 20, and a 20º pressure angle, find the pitch diameter of the gear, the circular pitch, the addendum, the dedendum, and the number of teeth. 2. An 18-tooth pinion with a diametral pitch of 6 rotates 1800 rpm and drives a 36-tooth gear at 900 rpm in a gear speed reducer. The pinion and gear with a 20º full-depth involute teeth are keyed to shafts that are simply supported on bearings. The bearings on each shaft are 2.0-in. from the gear center. If the gear transmits 0.5 hp, what are the forces on the pinion, gear, and shafts? 3. Design a two stage compound spur gear train (as in Fig.11-14(Norton 3 rd Edition) or Fig 12-14 (Norton 4
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Unformatted text preview: th Edition)) for an overall ratio of approximately 53:1. Specify tooth numbers for each gear in the train. You can use a range in gear teeth number between 14 and 105. The gears will be cut with a hob and the pressure angle to be 25 deg. If the gear-set transmits 10hp at 1750 input pinion rpm, find the torque on each of the three shafts. Size the first stage spur gears for a bending factor of safety of at least 2.8 assuming a steady torque, full depth teeth, Q v = 9 and AISI 4340 steel for gears. 4. We have a simple planetary gear set with a fixed sun gear. The numbers of teeth are sun=28, planets=18, and ring=64. If the arm (input) rotates at 100 RPM, what is the speed and direction of the ring (output)? If the power transmitted is 4 hp, what are the input and output torques?...
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