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ME 338 - Fall 2010 - Hw2 - theories? b. Consider a change...

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ME 338 – Fall 2010 Problem Set #2 Due: 9/21/2010 1. The figure shows a steel countershaft that supports two pulleys. The 400-mm dia pulley (located at B) receives power from a motor producing the belt tensions shown. The 250- mm dia (located at C) transmits this power to another machine through belt tensions T 1 and T 2 such that T 1 = 8 T 2 . Consider that the material is made of steel. a. The shaft is supported by roller bearings at A and D. Treat this as a static design problem, ignoring fatigue and stress concentration. Draw the shear force and bending moment diagrams. Identify the specific shaft location subjected to the most severe state of stress, draw the stress element and make a Mohr’s circle representation of this stress state identifying the principal stresses. Compare the safety factors according to the maximum shear stress and distortion energy
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Unformatted text preview: theories? b. Consider a change in the configuration. The 400-mm dia pulley is located at D and the bearing at B (Everything else remains the same). Identify the location 0.2 m 400 mm dia. 0.3 m 0.27 m T2 1600 N A B 250mm dia. 30 mm dia. C D T1 200 N subjected to the most severe state of stress. Draw the stress element and Mohrs circle. Compare the results of this configuration with the results from (a). 2. Design a 1-ft long steel, end-loaded cantilever spring for a spring rate of 10,000 lb/in at the load. Compare designs of solid round and solid square cross-sections. Which is more efficient in terms of material use? 3. A part made of ductile steel with S y =40kpsi is subjected to a three-dimensional stress state of 1 =-80kpsi, 2 =-80kpsi and 3 =-80kpsi. What is the maximum shear stress? Will the part fail?...
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ME 338 - Fall 2010 - Hw2 - theories? b. Consider a change...

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