ME 338 - Fall 2010 - Hw3

ME 338 - Fall 2010 - Hw3 - failure at the fillet. 2. Find...

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ME 338 – Fall 2010 Problem Set #3 Due: 10/5/2010 1. The figure above shows a portion of a pump that is gear-driven at uniform load and speed. The shaft is supported by bearings mounted in the pump housing. The shaft is made of steel having Su = 1000 MPa and Sy=800 MPa. The tangential, axial and radial components of force applied to the gear are shown. The surface of the shaft fillet has been shot peened, which is estimated to be equivalent to a laboratory mirror-polished surface. Fatigue stress concentration factors for the fillet have been determined and are shown on the drawing. Estimate the safety factor with respect to eventual fatigue
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Unformatted text preview: failure at the fillet. 2. Find the corrected endurance strength (or limit), create equations for the S-N line, and draw the S-N diagram for the following data: Material steel Surface finish hot rolled Tensile strength 80 kpsi Loading bending Shape I-Beam Temperature Room temperature Size (diameter) Width 16 in x height 18in Reliability 99.99 3. A shaft (shown above) supported by bearings at A and C is loaded with a downward 1000-N as shown. Find the maximum stress at the shaft fillet (shown as E in the figure). The radius of the shaft fillet is 5mm. The critical shaft fillet is 375mm from the load. 1000 N...
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ME 338 - Fall 2010 - Hw3 - failure at the fillet. 2. Find...

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