Project F10_Actual - ME 338 Spring 2010 Machine Elements...

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ME 338 Spring 2010 Machine Elements Project Your team works for a consulting company. A client company has fairly extensive manufacturing capability, but a limited technical staff. They are interested in indentifying products they can manufacture at a cost where they can be competitive in the market. The client uses the services of your company to find such products. As a first step, your company selects products, determines how they work and how they fail. (This is known as “reverse engineering.”) Step Assignment Due Date 1.0 Select groups and group names Wed 10/13 5pm 1.1 Artifact selection and Approval Friday 10/22 5pm 1.2 Understanding the Artifact Friday 11/5 5pm 1.3 Analysis Methodology and components that can be analyzed Friday 11/19 5pm 1.4 Detailed Component Analysis Report and Peer Evaluation Submission Friday 12/3 5pm OTHER THAN APPROVING YOUR SELECTION THERE IS NO FEEDBACK DURING THE PROJECT. This does not mean we will not answer questions and help you. It means that you should not expect graded feedback before you proceed. The submission deadlines are, honestly, to prevent teams from trying to do everything at the last minute. LATE SUBMISSIONS WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED. We may not be able to keep you from doing a particular part at the last minute, but at least you will be “forced” into having time to “think” between steps. 1.0 Select Groups and Group Names Students work in teams of four (4). We prefer that you pick your own team, but as the teams form up, I, and the TA, will form up the last teams if necessary. Depending
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Project F10_Actual - ME 338 Spring 2010 Machine Elements...

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