Sample_epicyclicgear - 1 is keyed to the driving shaft A The numbers of teeth are S 1 24 I 1 66 S 2 26 and I 2-60 If the shaft A turns at 1500 rpm

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Sample Problem 1. In the compound epicyclic gear train shown below, A is the driving shaft and B is the driven shaft. The internal wheel I 2 is fixed, the pinions P 1 and P 2 revolve on pins fixed to the arms C and D, which are in turn fixed to the driven shaft B. The internal wheel I 1 and the sun wheel S 2 form a compound wheel which revolves about a common axis of the shafts A and B. The sun wheel S
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Unformatted text preview: 1 is keyed to the driving shaft A. The numbers of teeth are S 1 24, I 1 66, S 2 26 and I 2-60. If the shaft A turns at 1500 rpm, the input torque is 60 N-cm and the module is 3, find a. The speed of the driven shaft b. The load torque on B and the holding torque on I2 c. The fractions of the load torque transmitted by C and D....
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