11-01-10 For ACC31 Students CH3 & 4 HW

11-01-10 For ACC31 Students CH3 & 4 HW - ACC31 HW CLASS...

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ACC31 HW CLASS HW Class CH PAGE CH PAGE Basic Cost System Cost of Goods Manufacturer and Cost of Goods Sold 1 1 51 E1-2, E1-3 51 E1-4 Mon 1 52 E1-6 1 52 E1-7 Hand written Mon 1 54 P1-2 Hand written Mon P1-3 Hand written Mon Journal Entries 1 40-47 Self-Study Problem 1 53 E1-8 Wed 1 56 P1-4 Hand written Wed 3-4 Job Order Cost 1 47-48 Self-Study Problem 2 1 59 P1-8 9/27/Mon 1 53 E1-9, E1-10 60 P1-9 Hand written 9/28/Tue 1 60 60 P1-10 Hand written 9/28/Tue Accounting for Materials 2 107 E2-1 Order Point 10/6/Wed Order Point (When to order) 112 P2-1 Order Point 10/6/Wed EOQ (Economic Order Quantity (Best amount to order) Total Ordering and Carrying Cost 108 E2-2 EOQ 10/6/Wed 113 P2-2 EOQ 10/6/Wed 2 Inventory Methods 109 E2-9, E2-8, E2-6, E2-7 82 Sample Problem Moving Average 113 P2-4 10/13/Wed Hand in FIFO 114 P2-5 10/13/Wed Hand in LIFO 2 Just-In Time Materials Control 110 E2-12 116 P2-9 10/19/Tue 2 Backflush Costing 110 E2-13, E2-14 116 P2-10 10/19/Tue 2 Scap, Spoiled Goods, and Defective work 111 E2-15, E2-16, E2-17 117 P2-11, P2-12. P2-13 10/19/Tue CH2: Defined the following terms 1. Manufacturing cells 2. Push Manufacturing Systems 3. Pull Manufacturing Systems 4. Which companies are using push and pull manufacturing sytems? 5. JIT 6. Backflush Costing 3 Accounting for Labor Class Notes  149 Self-Study Problem 1 Due 165 P3-10 162 P3-6 10/20/Wed 161 P3-4 10/20/Wed 4 Accounting for Factory Overhead Class Notes 217 E4-1 11/1/Mon 213 Self-Study Problem 2 229 P4-15 11/1/Mon 226 P4-11 231 Review Problem for Ch 1-4 231 P4-17R 11/2/Tue Exam 2 Chapters 2-4 11/3/Wed 7. Scrap materials, Spoiled goods and Defective work. Also discuss how each should be accounted for.
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Page 2 of 49 ACC 12 Payroll Entries Wages Hours X Hourly rate Salaries Employee gets paid based on an annual amount/salary Employer Employee  $1,000  Gross Wages or Salaries Receives Gross Wages or Salaries Plus Employer's Payroll Taxes Less Employee's Payroll Taxes and Manditory  20  Federal Unemployment Tax (FUTA) 2% Federal Income/Withholding (FWT) Tax  50  State Unemployment Tax (SUT) 5% State Income/Withholding (SWT) Tax Local Income/Withholding (LWT or CWT) Tax  40  Social Security Tax 4% Social Security Tax  40  Medicare Tax 4% Medicare Tax Child Support Plus Fringe Benefits Less Fringe Benefits  100  Health Insurance 10% Health Insurance  60  Pension 6% Pension Union Dues Life Insurance Donations  $1,310  Total Payroll Expense for Employer = Net Pay 1 Record Payroll  Sales Salaries Expense Administrative Salaries Expense Wages Expense Employee Federal Income/Withholding Tax Payable Employee State Income/Withholding Tax Payable Employee Local/City Income/Withholding Tax Payable Social Security Tax Payable-Employee
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This note was uploaded on 11/10/2010 for the course ACC ACC 31 taught by Professor Bob during the Fall '10 term at CUNY Kingsborough.

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11-01-10 For ACC31 Students CH3 & 4 HW - ACC31 HW CLASS...

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