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CLASS SCHEDULE Note: All classes are on Monday & Wednesday: 9-11:50 am or the equivalent of three 50 minute classes. On-line work may substitute for class hours at the discretion of the instructor. Additional readings may be required and alterations in dates of topics may change due to unexpected need to adjust class topics or format. Please consult Blackboard for NURS 355 before each class for changes in schedule, topic, and reading assignments. Date Topics Required Reading Assignments Due 8/23 Introduction to Leadership & Management for the LPN Anderson Mon, Jan 31 Neurobiology of Psychiatric Disorders; Psychopharmacology Overview K,W&T: Ch 4 & 31; Mon, Feb 7 Psychosis and Schizophrenia (Antipsychotics) K,W& T: Ch 14, 21; Lehne: Ch 30, Quiz 1 Mon, Feb 14 Therapeutic Alliances: A Consumer’s Journey to Recovery (1.5hrs) Test 1 Mon, Feb 21
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Unformatted text preview: Mood Disorders: Major Depression and Bipolar Disorders (Mood stabilizers and Antidepressants) K,W&T: Ch 15; Lehne: Ch 31-32 Mon, Feb 28 Substance Abuse: Drugs and Alcohol K,W & T: Ch 13, 21; Lehne: Ch 36-38 Quiz 2 Mon, Mar 7 Suicide and Violence (1.5 hrs) K, W & T: Ch 22-23 Test 2 Mon, Mar 14 SPRING BREAK NO CLASS Mon, Mar 21 Delirium and Dementia K, W & T: Ch 12, 27; Lehne: Ch 21-22 Mon, Mar 28 Self Concept and Personality Disorders K, W & T: Ch 20 Mon, Apr 4 Stress, Anxiety and Anxiety-Related Disorders K,W&T: Ch 5, 16 & 33; Lehne: Ch 33-34 Quiz 3 Mon, Apr 11 Eating Disorders (1.5 hrs) K,W&T: Ch18; Lehne: Ch 31 Test 3 Mon, Apr 18 The Continuum of Care K,W&T: Ch 11 Mon, Apr 25 Mental Health Care for Children and Adolescents K,W&T: Ch 25-26 Quiz 4 Mon, May 2 Psychopharmacology Review ( 1.5 hrs) Test 4 Mon, May 9 NLN Exam Course Evaluation...
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