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BIPN 144 Week 10 Notes (part 2)

BIPN 144 Week 10 Notes (part 2) - BIPN144Week10Notes(Part2...

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BIPN 144 Week 10 Notes (Part 2) Note: This has not been reviewed by Dr. Bier and may have errors. Always trust the professor over these notes. Today was all about long term potentiation (LTP)! As we learned at the end of last lecture, there are three criteria for defining LTP. 1) cooperative (more than one input required) 2) Associative (requires simultaneous firing of inputs) 3) Specific (only the active pathways are potentiated). He also introduced the term Hebbian Correlation Detection with its associated principles 1) Asynchronous firing inputs compete and displace each other 2) Correlated firing of cells suppresses competition between nerve fibers This is what we have been discussing up to this point with the motor neurons and muscles as well as ocular dominance columns, etc But back to LTP. The most basic LTP experiment is the observation that after using electrodes to deliver a tetanus (a lot of rapid high power stimulation) to a neuron it increases its responsiveness. This increased responsiveness lasts for weeks. Dr. Bier then began discussing the NMDA receptor NMDA is a type of glutamate receptor, which acts as a coincidence detector. A nerve
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  • Spring '10
  • Bier
  • Correlatedfiringofcellssuppressescompetitionbetweennervefibers Thisiswhatwehavebeendiscussinguptothispointwiththemotorneuronsand musclesaswellasoculardominancecolumns,etc, )toaneuronitincreasesits responsiveness.Thisincreasedresponsivenesslastsforweeks., multipleboutonsmustbestimulatedsimultaneously.What'smore,theMg++ion willonlybeliberatedfromNMDAreceptorsthatareinvolvedinthissimultaneous firing., milk/platformtest.Inthistestamouseistossedintoabucketofmilkywater,witha flagstickingoutofaplatform,whichisjustbarelysubmergedundertheopaque liquid.Allmicecanfindtheplatform.Afterdoingthisafewtimes,theytaketheflag, Asynchronousfiringinputscompeteanddisplaceeachother

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BIPN 144 Week 10 Notes (part 2) - BIPN144Week10Notes(Part2...

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