Section A06 - Week 2 Filled

Section A06 - Week 2 Filled - Evolution by Ernst Mayr A)...

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Evolution by Ernst Mayr A) Lamark -Wrong: __________ of acquired characteristics -Right: Evolution is a ___________process B) Darwin I) 4 postulates 1) World is not ________, is always ___________ 2) Evolution is gradual and continuous; not sudden 3) All organisms descended from a common ___________ - Can be traced back to a single origin of life 4) Evolutionary change is the result of __________ ___________ II) Natural Selection’s two step process 1) ____________ of variation - Endless pool of variation within a generation that may be expressed 2) ___________ in the struggle for existence - Individual offspring have one or more combinations of characteristics that encourage ________ in the specific environment at that time. C) Theories I) _______________ Change occurs in the form of random ______________(mutations). Fans: T.H. Huxley, Mendel II) ________________ Perceptive world consists of incomplete, imprecise manifestations of a few original _______________. Fans: Plato III) _________________ Change occurs slowly in the form of gradual steps. Fans: Darwin, Lamark Overcoming of Saltationism: - Population thinking: Uniqueness of an individual is contained within the variance in the species. - Continuous variation of an individual in a species with small gaps of discontinuities. - Explains discontinuities such as new species and evolutionary novelties. IV) Synthetic Theory Evolution occurs through natural selection where there is an increase in frequency of genes that contribute to traits conducive to survival Fans: Mayr - Uses theories regarding genetics that weren’t available to Darwin
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Section A06 - Week 2 Filled - Evolution by Ernst Mayr A)...

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