Section A06 - Week 6 Filled

Section A06 - Week 6 Filled - WEEK 6 Dan's Section BIEB 166...

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WEEK 6 Dan’s Section – BIEB 166 – Dr. Nieh Wed. 5 – 5:50 PM @ CSB 004 OH: Wed 3 – 4 PM @ York 3010 A Lecture 12: Referential Communication I. Referential Communication: Provides information about the external environment in a coded way. A) Stimulus class specific: towards a name, action, or event B) Context Independent: will illicit a reaction despite circumstance Ex) Vervet Monkey: Communicates several specific calls for enemies II. Honey bee recruitment system: encoded navigational information A) <50 m: Round dance communicates that food is present. Not direction specific B) 50-100 m: Transition from round to waggle dance C) >100 m: Waggle dance communicates distance and direction of food i. Direction of waggle with respect to gravity = degree of sun’s azimuth azimuth – Direction of the sun with respect to North projected on a horizontal plane ii. vertical facing the sky (0 degrees) – Directly towards the sun iii. vertical facing the ground (180 degrees – Directly away from the sun D) Stovepipe experiment – Revealed only light to the bee, not the sun directly i. Bees perceive polarized light and communicate direction efficiently E) Marathon Dances – Excited bees perform waggle dance for an extended period of time. Change direction of dance as sun is changing reference in the sky. F) Distance Communication – Bees measure using optic flow: the amount of objects passing by in reference to time. i. waggle runs/15 sec – more runs = closer object ii. duration of waggle run – more time waggling = further object iii. distance of waggle run – more distance waggling = further object iv. duration of sound – longer sound = further object v. Esch guided bees through tunnels increasing optic flow that a regular distance would reveal, which resulted in the bees communicating longer distances. G) Recognizing the signal
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Section A06 - Week 6 Filled - WEEK 6 Dan's Section BIEB 166...

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