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Section A06 - Week 40.5

Section A06 - Week 40.5 - WEEK 5 Dan's Section BIEB 166 Dr...

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WEEK 5 Dan’s Section – BIEB 166 – Dr. Nieh Wed. 5 – 5:50 PM @ CSB 004 OH: Wed 3 – 4 PM @ York 3010 A Lecture 10: Kinesis and Taxis I. Kinesis – undirected orientation movements 1. Paramecium: Moves faster in warm, salty water in no specific direction 2. Human Body Louse: Moves randomly and then slows when reaching a warm area II. Taxis – Directed orientation movements directed with respect to a stimulus 1. phototaxis: with respect to light Ex)Bees, fly maggot, fungus (not an animal) 2. phonotaxis: with respect to sound Ex) Crickets 3. Chemotaxis: with respect to chemical Ex) Amoeba, snake 4. Menotaxis: Maintaining a constant angle Ex) silk moths 5. Mnemotaxis: landmark orientation Ex) salmon, surfing 6. Magnetotaxis: magnetic cues Ex) Homing pigeon, humpback whale 7. Klinotaxis: successive sampling while moving through a gradient Ex) fly maggot 8. Tropotaxis: simultaneous samples from paired receptors Ex) ants, bees 9. Teleotaxis: fixation on a distant stimulus Ex) Archerfish, water monkey, pray. Mantis Help with meno and mnemo : Mean anglerfish pushed Nemo onto land.
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