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syllabus - BICD 110 Zou Syllabus BICD 110 Cell Biology Fall...

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BICD 110 Zou Syllabus BICD 110 Cell Biology Fall 2010 ( WebCT) Course Description: This is an upper division course on structure and function of eukaryotic cells. Lectures will cover methods of cell biology research, membrane structure and dynamics, protein synthesis and trafficking, cytoskeleton structure and dynamics, cell cycle and cell death, cells in development and disease. Time: 3:30-4:50 pm, Tue & Thur Sept 23- Dec 11 Place: SOLIS 107 Instructor: Yimin Zou Biological Sciences Division Neurobiology 1224A Pac Hall Phone: 534-7212 [email protected] Office Hour: 4-5 pm Friday 1224A Pac Hall. Teaching Assistants and Discuss Sections: Graduate TAs Undergraduate TAs Text: Molecular Biology of the Cell (5 th Edition, Alberts et al) Prerequisites: BIBC 100/BIBC 102, BICD 100 Exams: Midterm – 40% Final – 60% 1
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BICD 110 Zou Regrade Policy: Requests for regrading of midterm and final exams will only be considered within the first week of the exam. All requests must be in written format and kept as records. Exams will be Xerox copied and the grading will be clearly marked by TAs. The entire exam
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