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Assignment_4 - ColorNameViwer and a class...

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Turingcraft Exercise -1 Please submit .java files for each of the following problems. Remember to insert COMMENTS. Programs without comments will not be accepted. Please submit a zip file which contains all the files to WebCT. Deadline of submission: Midnight, Oct 5, 2010 Questions: P2.14 Write a graphics program that draws your name in red, contained inside a blue rectangle. Provide a class NameViwer and a class NameComponent . P2.15 Write a graphics program that draws 12 strings, one for each standard colors, besides color WHITE, each in its own color. Provide a class
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Unformatted text preview: ColorNameViwer and a class ColorNameComponent . P2.15 Write a graphics program that draws two solid squares: one in pink and one in purple. Use a standard color for one of them and a custom color for the other. Provide a class TwoSqaureViwer and a class TwoSqaureComponent . P2.15 Write a program that fills the window with a large eclipse, with a black outline and filled with your favorite color. The eclipse should touch the window boundaries, even if the window is resized....
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