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ASSIGNMENT #3 Due: Tues, Nov 9 by noon in the assignment drop box INSTRUCTIONS: The assignment is to be done in partners (i.e. groups of 2) or individually. Your partner may be in a different tutorial, but must have the SAME TA as you. If you are working with a partner, you should only hand in ONE copy of the assignment. The assignment is to be handed in on paper. As stated in the course outline, late assignments are NOT accepted. Learning Objectives: This assignment allows you to get more practice with application problems that we studied in sections 5.1 (1 st question below) and 5.2 (2 nd question below). This material is DIRECTLY linked to what we studied in class, so you will of course be responsible for it on tests/exams. ASSIGNMENT (8 marks total): Answer the following questions. [NOTE: This assignment is to be done entirely BY HAND] 1. (4 marks) Find the steady-state current in an LRC series circuit when
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Unformatted text preview: . Hint #1: Remember that we have damping here, so this means the complementary solution will be a transient term. Hint #2: This question is WAY easier if you do undetermined coefficients to find the particular solution instead of using variation of parameters. 2. (4 marks) Do Section 5.2 (pg. 205) # 22. You must show ALL your work in solving this problem (you can NOT jump directly to solutions we derived in class/in the text for similar problems) Note: If you have the 6 th edition of the text, it’s the same question. If you have an earlier/different edition, please make sure you’re doing the correct question (otherwise, you will not receive marks). Hint: To find the particular solution, it is WAY easier to use the method of undetermined coefficients (1 line of work) instead of variation of parameters (1 page of work)....
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