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ASSIGNMENT #2 Due: Tues, Oct 19 by noon in the assignment drop box INSTRUCTIONS: The assignment is to be done in partners (i.e. groups of 2) or individually. Your partner may be in a different tutorial, but must have the SAME TA as you. If you are working with a partner, you should only hand in ONE copy of the assignment. The assignment is to be handed in on paper. As stated in the course outline, late assignments are NOT accepted. Learning Objectives: This assignment allows you to explore the technique of “undetermined coefficients” which can be used to find a particular solution for a higher-order constant- coefficient nonhomogeneous ODE. In class, we study Variation of Parameters because it is applicable much more often than Undetermined Coefficients, but Undetermined Coefficients, when it does apply, is much easier, so this assignment will allow you to learn this method.
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Unformatted text preview: While we will not be studying the method of Undetermined Coefficients in class, it is a part of our course, and you WILL be responsible for it, but only in short answer/true or false/multiple choice/fill in the blank questions. (i.e. to set up the form of the solution) ASSIGNMENT (8 marks total): Read section 4.4 of the text and answer the questions (to find the particular solution, you must use the Method of Undetermined Coefficients) [NOTE: This assignment is to be done entirely BY HAND] 1. (4 marks) Solve 2 2 5 10 3 x e y y y x + =-- (i.e. find the general solution) 2. (1 mark) What is the trial form for the particular solution of 1 ) 3 sin( 2 9-= + x y y ? State the trial form only; do not actually solve the problem. 3. (3 marks) Solve x x e e y y y 6 3 8 7 3 2-=- + -(i.e. find the general solution)...
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