Assign1_blank - ASSIGNMENT#1 Due Tues Sept 28 by noon in the assignment drop box INSTRUCTIONS The assignment is to be done in partners(i.e groups

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ASSIGNMENT #1 Due: Tues, Sept 28 by noon in the assignment drop box INSTRUCTIONS: The assignment is to be done in partners (i.e. groups of 2) or individually. Your partner may be in a different tutorial, but must have the same TA as you. If you are working with a partner, you should only hand in ONE copy of the assignment. The assignment is to be handed in on paper. Learning Objectives: This assignment allows you to further explore Euler’s Method, which you first studied in Calc II. Solving differential equations numerically is extremely important as most equations are too complicated to be solved by hand…Euler’s Method is the simplest of these numerical techniques. Euler’s Method is officially part of our course material, and you WILL be tested on it . Since it is Calc II review, this assignment will allow you to read about it on your own and try some exercises, which is more efficient than spending a lot of time on it again in class. ASSIGNMENT (8 marks total):
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