Why beating on electronics is bad

Why beating on electronics is bad - That stuff is classic...

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Why beating on electronics is bad Ok, so we are attached to our accessories these days. It is a sad fact. I personally love my ebook, cell phone and laptop above the rest. I do not possess an iPhone yet, I usually am the dude who gets run over by the bandwagon on trends like that one. But when these things stop working, we do crazy things like shake them. Somebody did it somewhere and it worked or we wouldn’t do that. I wish I could take pictures of the faces people make when cursing and shaking their electronics while willing them to work.
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Unformatted text preview: That stuff is classic! Then my favorite thing happens. The “mechanical agitation” part occurs. That is a pretty way of saying beat the @(*#^$ out of your stuff until it works! Somewhere, maybe in 1945 when things were made of steel, this did work. Not today, with our high standard of need but ultra-sensitive electronics. But you see the moths fly into the flame each time!...
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