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Why the 80 - youtube • All of these “talent” shows...

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Why the 80’s had better television programming than today That’s right, you heard me. The 80’s, known for neon green and relative cheesiness totally dominates over today’s crappy television “programming.” The studios are always re-launching, rebooting, re-heating, or reloading series from the 80’s. Some are crappy remakes, some not so bad. Some make it to the big screen. Transformers, while definitely not Masterpiece Theater, was greatly entertaining. Bad: See Knight Rider remake, just awful. Good: See most reiterations of 80’s cartoons. Reality TV. Okay, we get it. Regular people on tv doing embarrassing crap for ratings. Sometimes we feel for them because we relate. Sometimes we can’t because of the “situations” like Survivor. Sure, so different from
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Unformatted text preview: youtube. • All of these “talent” shows. Let me be blunt. America does have talent but none are seen on that show. American Idol is rigged. So You Think You Can Dance would be a comedy hit if it were secretly shot at block parties in suburban America, after the heavy drinking started. The list goes on and on. The “Celebrity” Apprentice. Please. If they were real celebrities, they wouldn’t be working for Trump. • The Cosby Show, Family Matters, Roseanne, Diffr’nt Strokes; the list of good “family” sit-coms goes on and on. Now we have the 1 millionth episode of 2 and a half men which really should be 3 men now, but hey whatever. • After School Specials. Okay, so I made fun of them too, but what do we have today, Weeds? The truth campaign?...
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