WTH is in an energy drink anyway

WTH is in an energy drink anyway - WTH is in an energy...

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WTH is in an energy drink anyway? Okay, so I will tell you a little secret. I have some science background, especially in the field of Chemistry. When I saw the ingredient of taurine, it gave me great pause. No Bull… Let’s start with taurine. I did some checking with my Google-brain and found out the goods on this beauty. Studies (and we know those can be skewed one way or another, right =D) have shown taurine to have no true effect on energy levels even though it is represented in high concentrations in almost all energy drinks. The studies are not comprehensive to include the other ingredients of energy drinks like guarana, ginseng and vitam b variants. Taurine has an amusing urban legend surrounding its origins. It is widely held that taurine is produced from the urine of bulls. Though naturally occurring taurine can be found in such conditions, the companies which create energy drinks synthesize it. It actually is an acid made from bile which has interesting properties in various doses on the brain. The B Complex Family
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