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1 Bulletproof Presentations: An Important Note from the AIR Best Visual Presentation Committee 1 PowerPoint has become the de facto presentation tool for most of us. However, when used improperly, PowerPoint slides can actually interfere with communication, rather than promote it. The Best Visual Presentation Committee created these guidelines to help presenters identify and avoid bad PowerPoint habits, and to promote awareness of how best to use PowerPoint to create effective, meaningful presentations. Communications researchers have identified concepts that have substantial implications for how we can create the most effective presentations: 1. People learn better from visuals and narrative than from words alone. This is because the brain has separate channels for processing visual and verbal materials, resulting in a higher level of understanding. (Richard Mayer) 2. Communication is actually inhibited when the same words are spoken and displayed on the screen because people cannot listen and read at the same time. (Allan Paivio) 3. People are capable of holding only a few pieces of information in their short term memory at a time. Our job as presenters is to make the message clear, memorable, and entertaining. These three concepts should inspire you, as a presenter, to abandon slide after slide of bullet points and replace them with slides that use visuals in an engaging and meaningful way. These research results should also encourage you to identify your key message and ensure that it is delivered effectively. To illustrate this approach to PowerPoint, consider which of the following slides is most effective. Research on Message Retention
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Guidelines for Presenters - Bulletproof Presentations: An...

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