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KDPaine’s KBI Development System The most difficult and important part of any measurement program is getting started correctly. Every year, thousands of hours of research effort are wasted when measurement programs provide unusable data or results that aren't acceptable to everyone involved. Now KDPaine & Partners KBI Development System solves that problem by helping companies decide what to measure and how to measure it. The service combines analytical research methodology with consensus- building best practices to get your measurement program over its most difficult hurdles, and off to a smooth start that will deliver usable results What is it? KDPaine’s KBI Development System provides organizations large and small with a proven systematic methodology to reach consensus on the key performance indicators (KPIs) for their social media and traditional marketing programs. KBI stands for Kick Butt Index, since there’s never been a marketer who hasn’t heard the words “we’re really getting our butt kicked” and longed for his/her boss to say “Congratulations, we really kicked butt this time.” It enables organizations to actually define exactly what they mean by “kicking butt.” In an era when social media offers far too many alternatives, marketing decisions are made without agreed upon definitions of success and failure. When there is no definition, success can mean anything from accumulating more
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KDPaine_s_KBI_Development_System_Data_Sheet - KDPaine's KBI...

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