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Social Media Action Plan Tie Social Media to Your Business Goals Business Drivers Goals Financial Revenue Expenses Leads Customers  Customer experience/satisfaction Customer service/support Building community Brand Awareness Thought leadership Innovation Design a Listening Program What to Follow Specific to Your Company Industry trends Key words and search terms Influencers to follow Competitors Pick the Tools to Fit Your Goals Tool Purpose and Strategy Rank Priority (from 1-3) Focus on 1 and 2 Monitoring Tool  Listening and measurement Corporate Blog Thought leadership, depth,  Twitter Headlines, engage, sales, solve 
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service issues, competitor insight Community Customer driven, customer care,  sourcing trends Facebook Social, friendly, recruiting, link to  community and blog, video LinkedIn Engagement, networking, 
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Unformatted text preview: recruiting YouTube Amazing stories, brand awareness SlideShare Content sharing, thought leadership Measure in Conjunction with Marketing Goals Goals Social Media Output Tools/Tactics to Measure *Faster, better insight/information Conversation monitoring, customer feedback 100s of listening tools (Buzzient, Radian 6, etc.) Customer community search.twitter.com *Awareness, thought leadership # of people reached Unique site visitors Twitter followers Blog comments *Faster, better sales # of interactions Your CRM system Leads Deals Revenue *Customer support, satisfaction # of issues addressed Your CRM system Twitter *Faster, better development # of ideas implemented Insert Yours Here Insert Yours Here Insert Yours Here *Examples by Altimeter Group...
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socialmediaactionplantemplate-090901230835-phpapp02 -...

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