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Honors Seminar: Developing Your Research Project Professor Ruth Horowitz Fall 2010-Spring 2011 Department of Sociology V93.0950001 295 Lafayette St 4 th fl, room 101 212 998-8383 [email protected] TA: Zalman Newfield Class will meet 3:30-6:00 on Mondays in the Memorial room -4 th fl Puck Although everyone will develop and conduct an individual research project, research is easier, is more fun generally, develops faster, and is less overwhelming when helped by one’s peers. It is the intention of this class that all students contribute to each of the projects by listening to peers and helping them develop their ideas and research strategies. Most of you will have very similar problems in developing projects and conducting the research. It helps to learn how others resolve the issues. Therefore, it is essential that all students attend class and contribute to the discussions. Course goals: All students will develop a research project and start the research this semester. There will be some variation in what this means, as it depends upon the type of research project planned. Everyone should have a good research question and have developed the instruments they will use to do the research by the end of the semester. Those who are using participant observation should be in the field gathering their data, in depth interviewers should have completed several interviews, historical-archivists should be in the archives gathering data, survey developers should be started with their interviews, and those who use existing data sets should have completed some preliminary analysis. All students may choose to have an advisor (faculty member) in addition to me who is close to the substantive area of the project and/or the research method. This person should be identified early in this semester and should be involved in the project from its inception. We will have our own conference in the Spring semester. Most of your projects will evolve over the course of the semester as you talk with your colleagues and think about the projects. Some projects will change considerably and all projects will evolve as you collect the data. A creative researcher looks for the sociologically interesting and, sometimes, that arises as the data is being collected and is different from the original conceptualization of the issues. Grading for the first semester is based on a paper that describes your sociological
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honorsyll.07[1] (1) - Honors Seminar Developing Your...

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