Week 1 - Week 1 Civilization -urbanization -state-hood...

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Week 1 Civilization -urbanization -state-hood -specialization -societies naturally progress to civilization Social Evolution -unilineal -simple complex -less- more evolved -influenced by Darwin Franz Boas -argued unilineal -group of traits not good to define different civilizations -he’s a historical particularistic Neoevolution and Leslie White -look at culture on big scale -common measure energy -culture evolves to capture more E and more goods and services -social evolution is a biproduct of technological evolution Julian Steward and Multilinear evolution -white’s too vague -distinct line of evolution in response to environment and subsistence patterns -multiple pathways of evolution -myth of progress still evident -regularities around world from similar environments “Stages” -bands small scale societies around kinship -tribes mixes foraging and horticulturalists in allied bands and clans -chiefdom societies of several groups/villages in alliance with chief (~1000 people) graph
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Week 1 - Week 1 Civilization -urbanization -state-hood...

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