week 2 - ARCHAEOLOGY AS ANTHROPOLOGY-Not the stuff itself...

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ARCHAEOLOGY AS ANTHROPOLOGY -Not the stuff itself but what can be said about past from artifacts -Philip Phillips- “Archaeology is anthropology or it is nothing” -Archaeology is the holistic systematic study of human society through material remains -Material aspect -Only way to really determine life thousands of years ago Anthropology -Biological Anthropology: paleoanthropology, primatology, bioanthropology, bioarchaeology -Archaeology: prehistorical archaeology, historical archaeology, experimental archaeology, ethnoarchaeology -Cultural Anthropology: ethnography/ethnology, historical anthropology/ethnohistory -Linguistic Anthropology: sociolinguistics, comparative linguistics, historical linguistics, grammar Definitions -Anthropology can be called study of society through time -Culture!! -Not born with the culture but it is learned by raising and nurture -Culture is shared and practiced between people: so it is assessable through archaeology -Symbolic: what people see the world through and how they understand reality Holism and Culture -Integrated whole -One dimension effect other dimension of the culture -Connection between the dimensions to understand whole culture -All dimension are equal Constrictions or Constructions -Constriction view: culture as product of adaptation, from constriction of external forces -Constructive: product of human, constructed as symbolic and built system Processualism -Heyday: 1960s-1970s -Premise: proper objects of archaeological study are the regularities in general processes involved in the adaptation of culture to physical and cultural environment -Rooted in neoevolutionism Leslie White -Relied on science
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week 2 - ARCHAEOLOGY AS ANTHROPOLOGY-Not the stuff itself...

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