week 3 - Monday-Mesopotamia Movie Mesopotamia is located in...

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Monday—Mesopotamia Movie Mesopotamia is located in common day Iraq Wednesday: The Neolithic Revolution and the First Farming Villages Origins: -Human species about for 1 million years -Agriculture emerges 10k-5k BP -500 year span is .05% of 1million years! I. Theories of Neolithic Origins -Was the onset of agri a decision or forced? -No generally accepted theory. Increasingly adaptive processes seen as setting the general parameters while social factors account for the form and sequence of the shift to farming and settled life -Look at variation in environment, population, sedentism -V Gordon Childe and the oasis hypothesis -End of Pleistocene (~12k bp) should be marked by higher temps and less precipitation -Already dry places like near east increasingly arid, oases become key -Argi emerges as symbiotic relationship b/w plants and humans for the purpose of survival Trouble in Paradise -No evidence for drier conditions at this time -Recent climate research shows a dramatic increase (33%) in CO2 levels at end of Pleistocene Period -Beneficial to temperate species like grasses Theory -Robert Braidwook and the natural habitat hypothesis -Domesticates should appear where wild ancestors are indigenous -“Hilly Flanks” of the Fertile Crescent -Excavates at the hilly flanks -6000 bp: small village of `100-150 people, 20 permanent houses -Mix of wild plants they were gathering along with cultivated and domesticated species -In general the findings were consistent with his ideas -Doesn’t know why, just that it is: imagines this as process of learning and would see how the plants were produced Lewis Binford and the population pressure hypothesis -Student of Leslie White: energy capture by Culture through time -Humans have a natural tendency to grow populations -Farming was much harder work then hunting gathering -Hunter gatherers require much less work -Human groups wouldn’t start farming unless they had to
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-Population pressure -Balance b/w people and food could be upset
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week 3 - Monday-Mesopotamia Movie Mesopotamia is located in...

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