week 4 - Announcements No class Friday Extra Credit Fort...

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Announcements: No class Friday Extra Credit: Fort Negley, turn in handout by Monday Ubaid Phase: -First Temples -Associated with water, creation myth -Internal furnishings: shallow conduits in middle of oblong walls: libations? -Beer and alcohol was present -The raging kegger hypothesis?! -Earliest know settlement on Southern alluvial plain -Grew rapidly from village to large town -Probable early temple during Ubaid phase -Among earliest formal temples -Huge labor effort -In Summerian kinglist, Eridu as settlement of first King -Emergence of priestly class -Not just religious but economic functions: tribute, water distribution, canal construction, canal maintenance Summerian Temple and Irrigation -Temple became focal point in early Mesopotamian civilization -Irrigation argued as key development in early Mesopotamian civilization -Which came first? -If temples emerged only in Sumer, they may be linked to increasing reliance on irrigation (irrigation came first?) -If temples had antecedents maybe move into Sumer was possible only after centra redistributive institutions (temple come first?) -Temple and Irrigation probably occurred in tandem -By end of Ubaid Phase basic elements of Mesopotamian civilization in place: large dense settlements, irrigated argi, expanded trade, growing social differentiation -Ubaid villagers could be said to have “hybrid identities” -Local village/kin affiliations -“Mesopotamian” identity -Material commonalities of everyday life: ceramics, temples, argi, exchange -But also maintained separate political systems and distinctive customs The Uruk Revolution and Cultural Unification Themes : -Mesopotamian cultural unification -Religion and ideology
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-Urbanism -Technology: writing, metallurgy
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week 4 - Announcements No class Friday Extra Credit Fort...

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